Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Politics of Diet

I have tried to stay away from the political side of eating animal products and only promote the health aspects of eating a Vegan or Vegetarian diet. Their is a side to how eating animal products in this country and around the world is being recognized as a danger to humanity. Many want to label this as political and there for should not be discussed. The truth is that it is risk management from a scientific perspective. The UN and most governments around the world are beginning to realize that the large scale animal food production is polluting, a major cause of global warming, the cause of our water shortages, Major cause of topsoil loss and a leading factor in human starvation and unrest. The whole animal food production system is unsustainable and truly a detriment to all of humanity. It is a risk that humanity can no loner afford. Every time we educate ourselves and others to this risks we gain ground in changing and correcting human behavior. These lessons are to important not to share with all our friends and relatives. Direct them to this blog and share the knowledge and always set an example for others.

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