Sunday, March 6, 2011

Please Boycott these Corporations

There is a devastating destruction of our natural environment by greedy corporations who's only goal is to gain profits off of food products that are harming all of humanity and the other species we share this planet with. I ask that we all vote with our forks and refuse to eat or purchase any products produced by these corporations and their use of factory farms. (CAFO) If you are in question as to what damage these farms produce then I suggest you watch this documentary.

A River of Waste

Our greatest power to stop these corporations is in our ability to boycott their products. Also contact them and let them know why they will no longer be selling or profiting off you and your friends.

Major Corporations to Boycott

Tyson Foods
Kraft Foods
Hormel Foods
Pilgrims Pride
Con Agra Foods
and many others. I suggest boycotting any product that uses animal foods in their ingredients.

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